Claim £540* in Flight Delay Compensation

If your flight was delayed for over 3 hours in the past 6 years you could be eligible to claim up to £540* for each passenger. It’s quick and simple to claim with our NO-WIN, NO-FEE service.

Fill in our 2-minute application for a FREE eligibity check.

Use Our FREE Flight Delay Check to Start Your £540* Flight Delay Compensation Claim:

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If your flight was delayed for over 3 hours in the past 6 years then you are entitled to claim up to £540 in Flight Delay Compensation.



Airlines set-aside millions of pounds each year for compensating people who have been affected by flight delays.

Priority Booker can get you the compensation you are owed quickly and stress-free. We offer:

  • FREE FLIGHT DELAY CHECK - even if you don't have your flight details to hand

  • FAST CLAIMS PROCESS - we aim to settle your claim as fast as possible

  • NO-WIN, NO-FEE SERVICE - we only charge when you have received you claim

You have a right to claim up to £540, so make your claim today!

* How Much Can I Claim

If you were delayed over three hours, were denied access to a flight, or had a flight cancelled coming into any European airport you may have a claim.

1km to 1,500km (per passenger):
1,500km to 3,500km (per passenger):
Over 3,500km (per passenger):

The Process

Making a Flight Delay Compensation Claim couldn't be easier. Simply fill in our FREE claim form and we will check your flight and let you know what compensation you could be entitled to.

Priority Booker and our flight delay compensation partners are experts in getting you the Flight Delay Compensation that you deserve. We have helped thousands of people make a fast, stress-free flight delay claim.


Free, No-obligation Flight-Check

Send us your flight details and we will check for FREE whether you are entitled to make a claim. We will also tell you how much your claim could be worth.

Start Your Flight Delay Claim

Once you have spoken to our specialist claims advisor we will send you the all of the relevant documentation to read, sign and send back to us to start your claim.

Processing You Claim

Upon receipt of your signed documentation we will process your claim. We aim to settle your claim as quickly and as stress free as possible.

No-win, No-fee Service

We offer a completely no-win, no-fee service with no upfront costs. We will only invoice you when you have recieved your Flight Delay Compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Should I Claim?

    Airlines set-aside millions of pounds to compensate people for the costs and inconvinience associated with flight delays, flight cancellations and refused boarding. Make sure you claim what is rightfuly yours.

  • How Much Will I Receive?

    This will depend on the circumstances of your delay. In general, you will recieve up to £540 per individual affected by the delay, cancellation of if you have been refused boarding for some reason.

  • Will I Need to Attend Court?

    It is extremely unlikely you will need to attend court to make your claim. In the very rare circumstances that you may need to attend court our team of solicitors will be there to represent you.

  • What is the process?

    Once we receive your details we will review the available plans from our panel and contact you to discuss your options. From there your chosen provider will manage your plan.


To make a claim


Delays over


Of people claimed


You could recieve

What Can I Claim For?

You can claim for a variety of travel related problems; here are the most common reasons to make a claim:

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Flight Delayed or Cancelled

If your flight was delayed or cancelled you may be eligible to make a claim. Our experts will advise on whether you have a valid compensation claim.

Possible Payout:
£540 per passenger

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Refused Boarding

If you were refused boarding a flight, or asked to leave a flight before it departed you may be able to make a claim against the airline.

Possible Payout:
£540 per passenger

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Holiday Sickness

If you became sick whilst on holiday then you may be able to make a claim. Our experts will advise you on whether you have a valid claim.

Possible Payout:
£2,500 average

* All claim amounts are a guide only